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1990 Maint. Schedule
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Schedule 1
Follow Schedule 1 if your car is mainly operated under one or more of the following conditions:.
Schedule 2
Follow Schedule 2 only if none of the driving conditions specified in Schedule 1 apply.
Additional Maintenance and Lubrication

While Operating Your Vehicle

At Each Fuel Fill:

At Least Monthly:

At Least Twice A Year (for example: Every Spring and Fall):

Each Time Oil Is Changed:

At Least Once A Year:
DISCLAIMER: While Corvsport.com makes every effort to ensure that this information is complete and accurate, you should always consult the manufacturer of your vehicle if you have a specific issue or question.
1990 Corvette Fluids/Lubricants

Engine Oil: GM Goodwrench Oil or Equivelant for API service, SF/CC* or SF/CD* of the recommended viscosity.
Engine Coolant: Mixture of water and Ethyline Glycol base anti-freeze conforming to GM spec. 1825M (GM Part No. 1052753).
Brake & Hydraulic Clutch Systems: Delco Supreme 11 Fluid (GM Part No. 1052535) or DOT-3 Fluid.
Parking Brake Cables: Chassis grease  meeting requirements of GM-6031M (GM Part No. 1052497).
Power Steering System: GM Power Steering Fluid, Part No. 1050017 (or equivelant.)
Manual Steering Gear:  Use lubricant meeting requirements of GM-4673-M (GM Part No, 1052182).
Automatic Transmission: DEXRON-II* Automatic Transmission Fluid (GM Part No. 1051855).
Manual Transmission (with Overdrive): DEXRON II*
Key Lock Cylinders: Light oil or general purpose silicone lubricant.
Automatic Transmission Shift Linkage: Engine Oil
Clutch Linkage Pivot Points: Engine Oil
Floor Shift Linkage: Engine Oil
Power Antenna Mast: Light Oil (GM Part No. 1052949).
Chassis Lubrication: Chassis grease meeting requirements of GM-6031M (GM Part No. 1052497).
Windshield Washer Solvent: GM Optikleen Washer Solvent or equivelant.
Front Wheel Bearings (rear-wheel-drive): Lubricant Part No. 1051344 grease or equivelant.
Hood and door hinges, fuel door hinge, rear compartment lid hinges: Engine Oil

* Recommended oil and transmission fluids should meet/exceed the minimum requirements listed above. Current API ratings on oil and transmission fluids exceed those listed at the time the above information was originally published.
1990 Corvette