Additional Maintenance and Lubrication
In addition to the items listed above, it is also recommended that the following items are inspected every 300 miles or 2 weeks, whichever comes first:

Compression Test

Carburetor Adjustments:

Idle Speed and Mixture(1966-1970)

Idle Speed and Mixture - Holley 2300

Fast Idle (1966-1976)

Dashpot Adjustment

Automatic Choke

Air Injection Reactor (A.I.R.)
Description and Operation
Check and Adjust Dwell

Ignition System

Ignition Timing

Spark Plugs

Transistorized Distributor (H.E.I. System)

Distributor (Breaker Point System)

Battery and Battery Cables

Crankcase Ventilation


Clutch Pedal Play

Clutch Adjustment

Accelerator Linkage

Throttle Linkage Adjustment (Powerglide)

Throttle Linkage Adjustment (Turbo Hydra-matic 350)

Throttle Linkage Adjustment (Turbo Hydra-matic 400)

EGR Valve Check

Engine Oil

Engine Oil Drain and Replacement

Transmission, Automatic

Transmission, Manual



Steering Gear

Power Steering

C3 --
Corvette Overview --
1968 Maint. Schedule
Maintenance Schedule
The time or mileage intervals indicated on this website are intended as a guide for establishing regular maintenance and lubrication periods.  Sustained heavy duty or high speed driving, or driving under adverse conditions may require more frequent servicing.

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