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1964 Maint. Schedule
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Maintenance Schedule
The information contained on this page is for reference only.  The time and mileage intervals for each of the maintenance items included on this page was established by General Motors with the introduction of the 1963 Chevy Corvette.  Please note that the original service intervals may not reflect the standard service intervals used in current automobile engines.

From the 1964 Service Manual: The time or mileage intervals are intended as a guide for establishing regular maintenance and lubrication periods for your Corvette.  Sustained heavy duty or high speed operations or operation under adverse conditions may necessitate more frequent servicing.

Maintenance and Lubrication

Every 6,000 Miles/60 Days

Every 12,000 Miles

Every 30,000 Miles
1.) Remove the forward and the outboard cover attaching screws.
2.) Inject steering gear lubricant into the forward cover attaching screw hole until lubricant begins to come out of the                    the inboard screw hole.
3.) Replace both screws.

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